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Article introduction

In our life, milk is to mix coke is two kinds very common also be very welcome drink. Milk contains rich calcium to be mixed character protein, microelement, often grow to promoting skeleton with milk, improve Morpheus quality and the function with defer consenescence to have particular. The mouthfeel with special coke is to get more of people like, when a lot of people are drinking coke, also still can add milk inside, what such doing is incorrect.

Can be coke and milk drunk together

Can be coke and milk drunk together

Coke and milk cannot be drunk together.

Coke belongs to carbonic acid beverage, its bases is carbonic acid, candy, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Water and pigment, and milk is food of tall calcium, high protein, contain protein, calcium qualitative, vitamin, adipose with etc mineral, if component of these two kinds of food mixes was in can produce chemical reaction together, reduce each other nutrition value and mouthfeel, still endanger human body health badly.

Coke and milk are drunk together what to have disadvantage

Calcic qualitative prediction of a person’s luck in a given year

Many carbonic acid is contained in coke, and many mineral calcium is contained in milk, the meeting when these two kinds of composition mix together happens counteract reaction, generate the calcium carbonate that dissolves hard in hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, restrain the calcic absorption in milk, reduce its to fill calcic effect. Often such edible appears possibly even uric road is calculous.


The carbonic acid part that contains in coke returns the protein reaction in meeting and milk, make protein metamorphic, make the complexing thing of garrulous shape, digest hard, appear easily the stomach bilges, the dyspeptic disease such as alvine stalk, also can reduce protein nutrient value.

Prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of mouthfeel of carbonic acid beverage

Liking the person great majority that drinks carbonic acid beverage is to go after carbonic acid to bring exciting sense of the person, and after milk and coke mix, carbonic acid exists with the formation of calcium carbonate, won’t release a carbon dioxide, give cannot exciting mouthfeel of the person, edible insipidity.

How long are coke and milk interval drunk best

Coke and milk interval are drunk one hour best.

Human body is digested to liquid alimental absorb faster, and milk and coke are liquid food, especially coke, contained part is candy cent and carbonic acid, absorb splitting, accordingly, if drink coke first, interval can drink milk ten minutes, if drink milk first have to interval influences ability one hourA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Can drink coke, can avoid both mix inside gastric bowel.

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What person does not suit drink coke

Hypertensive patient is unfavorable

The beverage that drink contains coffeine is overmuch, can make hematic fat elevatory, easy aggravate arteriosclerosis. Much drink of patient of tall blood fat, what can quicken an illness is exasperate.

Can be coke and milk drunk together

The person that smoke is unfavorable

Coffeine is lured in nicotine change below corporeal action, make the body easily certain constituent happening is choppy, bring about the generation of cancer cell even. To avoid afore-mentioned harms, should change smoking at the same time the habit of drinkable coke.


Because coffeine has more powerful excited effect to central nervous, the scholar studies a proof, children moves disease and this to concern more, can cause children spirit be agitated, do not defend the demote below result of discipline, study.

Newly-married man is unfavorable

Newly-married man is drinkable coke beverage, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Can harm spermatozoon directly, influence fecundity. Get hurt once spermatozoon is united in wedlock with ovum, may bring about fetal deformation or congenital inadequacy.

The woman is unfavorable

The woman that constant drink contains coffeine beverage becomes pregnant hard, it is more difficult that the woman that drinks coke to smoke again is pregnant, reason Yo age the woman is unfavorable and drinkable.

Pregnant woman is unfavorable

Coffeine can be restrained fetal the normal growth in the mother’s body, drink coke overmuch, the baby that be delivered of often weight slants light, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Natural mortality is taller.

Can be coke and milk drunk together

Old people is unfavorable

Coke has diuresis effect, can make calcic absorption reduces an in part. Old people often drinkable the beverage that contains coffeine, the calcium inside meeting aggravate body is lacked characterLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, cause osteoporosis, easy fracture.

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