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To most manager, ” football manager ONLINE ” day-to-day job is a set that lets a person love has regret absolutely. Of love is through day-to-day job we have an opportunity to drive the player with a good attribute, no matter be oneself,use, still hang turn meeting market becomes gold coin, can offer a pretty good complement to his battle array actual strength. And of hate is the difficulty of these tasks, often encounter the sort of hyperbole to arrive a few hours are not certain the job that can finish appears. Here shares the experience of myself to each manager, let you face hole dad task to say good-bye absolutely.

” football manager ONLINE ” main component is day-to-day job 3 parts, it is two 5 primary tasks, intermediate tasks and a high-level job respectively, the task rewards as follows:

If finish entirely can obtain everyday: Physical ability restores explore of ball of *9 of suit of agent *26, urgent medical treatment, elite to block *10, 5 countries *2 of card of explore of silver-colored ball of *4 of league matches card, dazzle and capital of 200 thousand club. To average manager, take these award everyday, having very big effect absolutely to keeping the benign movement of the club.

Primary and daily compare normally simple, win some contest namely commonly win or some type match obtains certain integral (win 3 minutes, make the same score 1 minute, belong to 0 minutes) . Below for say intermediate with high-level job, namely those need fulfil specific requirement, be opposite for instance corner kick, clean get the better of the ball job that has a demand. This kind of job can go to discharge contest of a contest, league matches, friendship now commonly inside.

Corner kick: Much shoot is for simple point, and shoot does not want too accurate. In the set that we can adopt tactical face plate, the ball of control of setting of individual player instruction two wing, more short pass, below low this kind of creates corner kick easily set in passing; The individual player of aggression border rear guard also can be set in the instruction counteract control ball to issue a bottom to pass

Charge ball rate: Desert of this our task revises tactical system to finish, the Tiki-Taka control that what recommend quite is Spain makes a way. Specific tactics sets a field, match state of mind chooses to control rhythm; Team instruction respect, be chosen integratedly rhythm of choose rein in and richer expression two, control chooses to accuse ball and short pass, aggression to choose to go more mainly both wings and search the opportunity that cover an edge, appearance to choose blast model pull open and reclaim line of defence.

Get the better of a ball completely: The most intuitionistic method increases the actual strength of oneself club namely, grind directly so pressure. Discharging a contest inside, if you have confidence to be able to be defeated all the time to oneself, it is certain to be defeated paragraph hind the club actual strength that match is lower. What this kind of method should notice is to not be in rank computation day goes using, thed loss outweights the gain in that way.

Cup contest: Occasionally daily in the task that meeting occurrence cup surpasses, if do not have the match of a cup of contest, so direct abandon. Suggest here everybody as far as possible choose a cup that oneself can gain the championship to surpass, no matter be day-to-day job or final award, compare be to one’s profit.

Clear manager believes to had discovered the intention of these tasks here, besides it is the daily and brisk rate that raises a player to the player, actually the set of these tasks also is to be in guide everybody to study tactics. Be aimed at different day-to-day job, need the our quick change that has team tactics side, finish the task more easily to be rewarded rich and generously in order to obtain thereby.

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