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Super- can behavioral fire net swims ” interstellar battle armour ” year data piece day Nuo is genetic now the line on global synchronism, new gut job, new system, new weapon and battle armour are awaiting a player to experience. This day Nuo genetic material piece in the element that enhanced game part to act greatly, custom-built system and battle faction are day Nuo commander of all appear let a player experiencing hot movement gunshot at the same time also can deepness is custom-built oneself day Nuo hero, let behavioral fire become more hot.

Divine Gong Youxia is a data piece in new the female hunter that join, the bow that has a month, invisible cloak and she skill is nimble. Be good at entering hostile position at lurk, accord is hostile army deathblow. Be worth what carry is, her helmet design is very rare among battle armour, because battle armour does not have great majority to undertake designing to eye ministry, make so her battle armour detail more rich.

Divine result You Xia has the radar that diagnoses the enemy inside 20 meters inherently, and can expose the enemy in small map, and this ability is returned can with the MOD of detect enemy radar blocks photograph overlay. Her most special ability is varied functional arrow arrow namely, different arrow arrow can solve a lock as grade, the fighting capacity of You Xia of result allowing an expression wins flying promotion. Clastic rock spur can adhere to at any surfaces consummate, and in adherent position generation can let battle armour; of invisible field of force blows up bolt will be adherent on any surfaces, the bolt of strop; electromagnetism that forms a to be able to walk for battle armour can be in generation of adherent spot position gives high frequency sound wave, before attracting the enemy all round, go investigating. Corrode bolt to be able to allow the enemy be sunk in sleep all round adherent dot. Her culminating skill is the Luna an old unit of length for measuring land that uses her and launch an annihilative energy arrow rain to the enemy.

Besides divine Gong Youxia, the day still has a Xin Yingxiong to will meet with the player in Nuo origin, sanded Hai Nutao can operate namely the battle armour of sand, the sandstorm that he furls can gobble up all life. After his drain force, what deathly stillness remains only all round is desert.

Those who serve as sand is reincarnate, sanded Hai Nutao can use Huang Sha’s force to cause many harm to the enemy all round. In the meantime, he still has the life like mummy fokelore to absorb ability. His skill [bright Sha Lang coils] the sand that curses through sends blind and harm the enemy all round, at the same time filch their life; [quicksand bite body] this skill is used come quicksand box up your enemy, if the target is killed by sanded Hai Nutao, will appear Sha Ying assists him to fight. When releasing this skill to teammate when sanded Hai Nutao, can transfer certain proportional life and shield; [mad Sha Feng is cruel] but the sandstorm that Shahai furious billows translate into rotates, attack the enemy flying drive to go. And by quicksand the enemy that bite body labels will lose culminating technical ability of many life and shield; [beetle protects housing] it is technical ability of force of a labor, life translate into solid beetle protects armour. Discharge this skill, you can start one swarm insect to atttack your enemy. Survival is worth extinct life donative the ally inside your limits.

” interstellar battle armour ” introduce brand-new part to act element, will relate the genetic story of day Nuo to all players, believe all players to be met after seeing this paragraph of the plot of a play the mysterious past of open-eyed Yu Tiannuo. Nuo of genetic culmination of Nuo of new edition day will show true body first, player also will organic meeting custom-built oneself day Nuo. Of the system that hold a face introduce the day Nuo that lets all players can revise you freely, like the system holding a face that MMORPG midstream goes now, be in ” interstellar battle armour ” you are OK also and free in new edition nurturance your day Nuo soldier, custom-built the face that oneself like, color of hairstyle, hair waits content a moment. The player that likes a part to act must not be missed.

In new material piece in, system of lock battle faction can be divided after the player needs to finish the gut job of day Nuo origin only, what the player chooses to serve as them in 5 battles faction is main only essence of life obtains this factional only skill of essence of life, this skill does not suffer be confined to any any battle armour, setting.

Every battle faction can undertake certain competence aggrandizement to battle armour, 5 different faction will corresponding 5 in brand-new battle means. The battle way that sectarian system will change battle armour and play a way, the output that did not resume ability tank battle armour can depend on sectarian choice and perhaps obtain powerful refreshment ability, and auxiliary model the option that battle armour also can carry faction obtains explosive output.

This second there still is the specially trust that many new weapon is awaiting a player in updating. They are players are the biggest in the battle help strength, they witness company player day Nuo gens together brilliant with powerful. ” interstellar battle armour ” in the weapon that the player holds the day Nuo soldier that charge to be able to use more than 100 kinds of diversity freely, different weapon can bring disparate war experience.

The data of day Nuo genetic year of the line on now piece act the part element and movement to shoot perfect union, will bring the game exceeding bright of player 1+1 2 the experience, in the meantime, have more in new version brand-new holy outfit is touched virulently await a player to experience. Login at once ” interstellar battle armour ” government-owned net, download an experience.

” interstellar battle armour ” it is by the science fiction of research and development of Digital Extremes of business of Euramerican and famous research and development subject matter is exceeded can behavioral fire net swims, game with distinctive science fiction world outlook, have heroic principle extremely super- part, can brand-new multivariate play a way acknowledge of comprehensive refresh PVE, bring endless interstellar exploration experience to the player. Since announce, ” interstellar battle armour ” the diversity with the cosmic exploration that depends on varied Zhan Jiaying hero, infinite likelihood, rich content plays a way 3 big characteristic. Figure bright, ability of each different numerous exceed can hero, the movement of the stimulation that stimulate bright is attacked fight pleasure, and the acme picture that rivals stand-alone your work, attracted the whole world to exceed the attention of user of 5 million game, and the position of before permanent abroad heats up You Bang to rank greatly each 3.

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