The national games opens contest shortly to build couplet easily to present as leading role go out for a battle of 137 Shenzhen good athlete

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Thirteenth of People’s Republic of China games (the following abbreviation ” the national games ” ) will hold in Tianjin on September 8 at coming 27 days this month. Yesterday, bureau of city style tourism holds media to aerate meeting, athlete of this Shenzhen book is announced to represent Guangdong province to attend current the national games external on the meeting particular case. It is reported, share the national games of go on an expedition of 137 Shenzhen good athlete this, take the mission that compare a province 17% . Shenzhen good athlete includes go on an expedition 26 big 66 Xiaoxiang match, nod 14 to gold am上海千花网

ong them, strong pip is close 35, hotspot of it may be said is great, be worth to expect very.

As we have learned, current the national games has come from the whole nation large unit of construction of production of each province, city, municipality, liberation army, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and industry put oneself in another’s position assist 38 delegacy take part in the match, about nearly 10 thousand athletes attend. Among them agonistic project includes to swim (swim, diving, polo, water ballet) , oarage of archery, track and field, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, skin (dead water, torrent is whirly) , golf, gymnastic (gymnastic, artistic gymnastics, skip bed) etc. In addition, current the national games adds masses match item newly, include Pan Yan among them, annulus 18 projects such as volleyball of slippery, badminton, ping-pong, dragon boat, marathon, gas, go.

4 years millions of people of the national games is fixed eyes upon, current match is to pass a lot of reform to add many window newly more. If current the national games will be first the national games that does not set gold a list of names posted up and medal a list of names posted up; Good to do Tokyo the Olympic Games prepared for war 2020 the job, current the national games swims, oarage of track and field, badminton, ping-pong, skin, bicycle wait for 10 to add 17 Xiaoxiang big, share 49 Xiaoxiang to allow ” group of the group that cross a province ” , below new regulation, the combination crossing a pr阿爱上海同城

ovince that by actual strength the strongest athlete comprises, representing home’s top campaign level, can bring into play, use respective resource and dominant position, realize win-win新上海贵族宝贝论坛


Reporter from aerate the understanding on the meeting arrives, share athlete of 137 Shenzhen book this to pass contest of preelection of the national games and trials smoothly to enter Guangdong to save sheet of sports delegacy name, they will join 26 projects the contend of 66 Xiaoxiang. There is no lack of to already obtained the fine athlete of good achievement on match of international, whole nation among them, if old admire is graceful (runner-up of champion of contest of world bright and beautiful, Olympic Games) , Yi Jianlian (brunt of Chinese male basket) , mo Youxue (2015 black movement meet a man 100 rice, 4 × 100 meters o爱上海

f champion) , Liang Jin is born (2015 black movement are met 200 meters of champion) , Huang Bokai (champion of pole vault of 2016 Asias indoor tounament) , Ma Tianchi. What need attention especially is, in gymnastics, medicinal powder hit, in 14 projects such as hockey, diving, basketb上海千花网论坛

all, ping-pong, our city athlete has strong gold actual strength, be worth to expect very.

Although of short duration of the national games is pulled open not formally prelusive, but in the 爱上海同城

athletic project that takes the lead in surpassing in its, shenzhen book athlete been havinging quite outstanding show. Among them Zhang Xin autumn seizes UFO woman in the brave in shooting a project much to gold, this also is first gold that Guangdong province delegacy obtains on current the national games. New division spends You Shijin to surpass flower of champion, Shenzhen to swim the sister spends Wang Liuyi, Wang Qian to exemplary to also be spent in current the national games swim carry off in two-men project a bronze medal. According to city style part of form of tourism bureau contest concerns chief introduction, in the past in 4 years of cycle, shenzhen athletics athletic sports member undertaking in succession ” replacement ” the job, especially a batch of old athletes choose to retire after the Olympic Games. In the Shenzhen athlete that attends the national games this, the player that has nearly 80% is to ascend arena of the national games to take on first crossbeam. alleged unripe calf is not afraid of a tiger first, believe they can have in current the national games ” bright look ” expression, let our wait and see what happens.

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