Does Telangpu encounter general of stock market of crisis whole world drops does field of A stock market suffer affect prospective trend how?

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Does Telangpu encounter general of stock market of crisis whole world drops does field of A stock market suffer affect prospective trend how?

Field of stock market of Zhou San A appeare新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

d to上海千花网

develop the posture of tall suffocate suffocate. Among them, card put together points to on in early dish low after leaving, be brought idea of new developed area by hero those who rise abruptly is active affect and concussion goes tall. But how is safe fatigued and weak, grail is helpless suffocate suffocate fall after a rise. Return after midday city for a time small diving, test 3100 bits prop up.

Partner is decreased hold, bai Ma appraise is worth pressure to show

Close paragraph of time, the index of field of A stock market although concussion extent aggravate, but Bai Ma move in ascendant passageway all the time, guizhou Maotai (electric equipment of power of 600519) , division (electric equipment of 000651) , boss (002508) , beautiful group (000333) in moving in ascendant passageway all the time, share price goes influence is relatively strong. This kind as lodestone same, have powerful magnetic field, attracting the capital that put an amount to draw close in succession, make the definite view of field of A stock market.

But, passed continuously strong later, be 2 class market not just set now apiration is increasing, and initiator partner, tall canal 爱上海同城

also is having cover certainly show inclination, electric equipment of beautiful group, boss trades in 3 nearly two day all is having similar news. Although be in charge of large stockholder, high people decrease hold, repres爱上海同城手机版

enting them to think company estimate cost is high certainly, but, once form,decrease maintain atmosphere, the core that appear or shows value investment fully to the market has two, it is cheap appraise value, 2 be outstanding achievement grow. Without cheap appraise value, bai Ma also be the category that value investment wants to consider no longer.

Wanting also is, not little Bai Ma those who pass before this year 4 many months is strong, at present appraise is worth disadvantageous already appropriate. E.g. Guizhou Maotai, 500 billion yuan market prise, 30 times right-and-left city is filled with rate, be a bit expensive. This is in white home appliance wait for a lot of breed to all having similar feature, include constant luck medicine even (medicine of 600276) , answer star (medicine of 600196) , China (the breed such as 600056) . So, of the tall canal as electric equipment of beautiful group, boss, large stockholder decrease hold, to Bai Ma appraise value system pulls alarm noisy, remind market participator, good share also must have good price. If share price goes up exceed practical outstanding achievement to add considerably fast, also be bubble, final result also has only: Share price is adjusted.

Mainstream excitement nods differentiation, have hard take suggestion of a new development instead in a large-scale

Of course, as a result of at present Shang Jia of atmosphere of market public opinion, the Central Bank also is in ceaselessly infuse fluidity. National debt is gone against counter-purchase interest rate to last the capital range that fal新上海贵族宝贝论坛

l after a rise indicates the market is relatively full, so, bull still is having breath certainly chance, drive is worn of the index smooth. Reflect in Zhou San dish in the face, it is number of harden board home still achieves more than 50, concept of Ju Xiongan new developed area, new etc there is strong state on breed whole, bai Ma was weakened on certain level differentiation place brings adjust pressure.

But have notable at 2 o’clock, it is Bai Ma differentiation, may make the confidence of bull is injured. White after all horse it is each capital all is approbated breed, especially a few to hit new and the fund group that configures a stock, be willing to go more hold these white horses, can get again next new accrual of be the lucky number. But, bai Ma gradually large stockholder decreases held alarm, explain appraise is worth pressure to begin to show. Meanwhile, new of an enlarge look rhythm carry fast, also mean new no longer rare be short of, so, new board time gradually hasten shifts to an earlier date. Having stannic bank to be adjusted in the abidance of the near future is a watch more clear IPO speed is opposite too quickly new fixed position can have restrain effect certainly. Already such, hit new yield to anticipate also subsequently abate. Do not eliminate to hit new fund to prepare to rip the possibility of the ticket partly so, so, bai Ma future goes situation be reduced held pressure not just by large stockholder, and still dozen of new fund covers showing pressure.

The 2 hero that are market excitement dot bring idea of new developed area in although the near future is overmatch Heng Jiang, but the symptom of a trend that has differentiation gradually, be in for example Zhou San, machine of Chinese bell essence (002158) a state that having strong tall suffocate suffocate. If this kind in Zhou Sijin one pace splits up, a may lose the excited point that col阿爱上海同城

lects market person energy of life. So, short line A have hard spend the possibility that takes instead energetically continuously. Just consider insurance wait for index adjust wait for an element relatively adequately, current A also won’t appear to drop greatly situation, relapse in 3100 bits of upper part concussion labor force, in order to await new activator.

So, in the operation, proposal investor still shoulds not be increase a storehouse. In the storehouse on configuration, OK and right amount attention a few new, new after all board time shifts to an earlier date, this stayed to go up certainly to 2 class market litre of space. So, the near future has hot money to begin attention to rise apparently new, saline ferry complementary child (002847) achieves a history in Zhou San new tall it is such. So, in the operation, can pay close attention to a few quality of a material relatively demand of beautiful, trade is hopeful new.

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