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Although rich vitamin is contained a lot ofin the fruit, but a few fruits belong to cool sex fruit, the word that takes more so creates diarrhoea situation easily. And pregnant woman is pregnant period for compensatory oneself nutrition, they often can eat a few fruits more, it is highest that because of the fruit medium vitamin content can say, also be can complement most a step that human body place requires a vitamin. But be pregnant for healthy consideration can medium-term time take yangtao?

Pregnant woman can eat yangtao metaphase

The effect that pregnant woman takes yangtao and action yangtao are the fruit with rich value of a kind of nutrition, having the king of the fruitShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the cityLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, the another namer such as the king in fruit, king of dimension C. Human body place still is contained in yangtao must a variety of 10 amino acid such as acid of ammonia of acid of bright ammonia of acid of bright ammonia acid, benzene third ammonia, different, cheese ammonia acid, third, and those who abound is mineral, include rich calcium, phosphor, iron, still contain carotene and a variety of vitamins, have main effect to maintaining human body health. Pregnant woman eats the effect of yangtao and action to have the following.

1, enrich the blood hemostatic

Yangtao belongs to the fruit of tall nutrition, contain rich vitamin C to be able to promote the absorption of pregnant mom body to iron, the action; that removes precaution to be short of iron sex anaemia thereby andSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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And contain a lot ofvitamin K, have the effect with hemostatic cruor, can prevent a large number of haemorrhage when childbirth, still can prevent haemorrhage sex disease.

Pregnant woman can eat yangtao metaphase

2, hairdressing protects skin

Vitamin C and vitamin E are contained a lot ofin yangtao, melanin of can effective desalt, color of skin of effective antagonism pregnancy is dark show heavilyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Like, and can remove the gravid spot, effect that prevents gravid grain.

3, raise immunity force

A large number of natural vitamins and human body are contained a lot ofto need amino acid reachs microelement in yangtao, can by the absorption with very good human body, have the effect of aggrandizement immunity system, can promote cut heal.

4, precaution is fetal of all kinds be short of zinc

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The folic acid that is as high as 8% is contained in yangtao, have large family of natural folic acid ” beautiful praise. Folic acid is a kind of water-solubility vitamin of B a group of things with common features, grow to cellular dissension the effect with the main move since the synthesis that reachs nucleic acid, amino acid, protein, it is fetal grow the nutriment with indispensable development, can prevent low weight, blemish of cleft palate of fetal darling lip, heart.

Pregnant woman can eat yangtao metaphase

5, complement vitamin

3 kinds still contain to fight oxidation vitamin naturally in yangtao: Carotene can enhance power of human body immunity, the vitamin C with the development rich; that conduces to fetal eye, E can increase the strength of the body, stimulative human body is absorbed to what candy divides, let fetal obtain nutrition. In addition, the phenol that yangtao place contains kind, carbohydrate1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Material and mineral repair to human body protect cellular film, activation immunity cell has main effect.

6, moisten the respiratory tract aperient

Constipation is one of symptoms with common pregnancy, pregnant woman eats yangtao to have precaution and the effect that treat constipation. Yangtao is belonged to contain a lot ofprandial fibrous low quantity of heat, low adipose fruit, in every yangtao only 45 calories quantity of heat, and it is pectic that contains prandial fiber has 1/3, have the effect with aperient moisten the respiratory tract, the harmful metabolization content that can pile up inside cleared body quickly, prevent effectively and treat constipation and haemorrhoid. Pregnant mother has yangtao to still have the effect that controls weight appropriately.

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