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There is the characteristic food that belongs to oneself in current state district, taste is good, nutrient value is high, the mainest is to be beneficial to absorb and digest, get person reception exceedingly, the pickles that the pickles mouthfeel of current state district and we eat inside at ordinary times is different, a few kinds introduce to everybody below commonner, can fry the flesh with pickles, also can use cook, the utility range of pickles is very so wide.

 The practice of current state pickles

Current state is saltyDish fries duck gizzard


Duck gizzard right amount Jiang Kuo of 100 grams cooking wine measures pickles of 150 Ke Chao city garlic is right amount salt is right amount pepper is right amount essence of amylaceous and right amount chicken is right amount


Part pickles, Jiang Kuai, the head of garlic section, put to dish medium reserve

Catch a duck gizzard as much section again cutting tool is beautiful in be being put to the bowl, add essence of right amount pepper, salt, amylaceous, chicken, oil, agitate is placed equably one1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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By souse

Right amount oil is added to heat up oily boiler in boiler, issue pickles to break up first fry a little while multiply again rise stand-by

Pickles is multiplied case after reserving, explode again sweetShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Garlic piece with Jiang Pian, issue the duck gizzard with good souse then, break up fry, enter the pickles that has fried finally, add right amount cooking wine, fry ripe can piece boiler

Food of another delicate go with rice has been done, taste rapidly by bowl rice

Small hang

Warmth hints

Choose please feed capable person freshly, fresh, fresh, fresh

Anaemic ill patient suits edible duck gizzard especially. On the abdomen is full bilge, dyspeptic person, can eat duck gizzard more. Stomach trouble patient, edible duck gizzard can be helped promote digest, enhance taste function

Edible cannot pass much, meet instead otherwise stodgy. Bright duckForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Wall should shuck when gizzard is cleaned wampee

Small pickles


Small cucumber, pointed any of several hot spice plants, pignut, garlic, carrot, small chili (other course is OK also) , olive oil, gourmet powder, soy, aniseed

 The practice of current state pickles


1, cucumber is abluent cut short, pointed any of several hot spice plants cuts two knives, it is good to after be being washed clean, be ironed gently in boiler, fish out drop does moisture, air is cool. Pignut flay, boil two minutes.

2, soy, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed is put in boiler, put a few rock candy, liquor, Jiang Pian, small chili again, bit of gourmet powder is added after be being boiled, drip again a few olive oil or balm are good.

3, measure after 2 air are cool, mix into fully cool cucumber, pignut divide evenly, can eat.

Small hang

Can put freezer to be saved for long.

Often pickles

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Old pickles 50g, old bean curd 3, any of several hot spice plants of chicken broth, refined salt, gourmet powder, refined oil, onion powder, bubble each are right amount

 The practice of current state pickles


1, old bean curd cuts small, scald water, put into Bao to add chicken broth to stew. Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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2, any of several hot spice plants of old pickles, bubble uses refined oil put on bean curd after stir-fry before stewing is sweet, add refined salt, gourmet powder to flavor, stew again to flavour sweet, scatter on onion powder is become namely.

Xiao hang

1, bean curd should be stewed fully, old pickles had better choose Jiangsu week place of business to take folk to abstain.

2, juice of this food boiling water is unfavorable and overmuch.

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