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This kind of cate has silkworm chrysalis rife has a way, generally speaking the simplest having a way is with water the move that boil eats, want to dipped in in the collocation after thoroughlying cook only water is OK! Always be one kind eats a law how to eat metropolis dirt nevertheless, it is moment so change a silkworm chrysalis have a way, deepfry silkworm chrysalis is very pretty good, taste special crisp, a lot of people ate to be able to be fallen in love with. So, how does scamper silkworm chrysalis make gift is the meeting more fragile?

Scamper silkworm chrysalis how of scamper fragile?

Deepfry chrysalis aurelian practice

Raw material: Chrysalis is aurelian oily salt of fragile blast pink


Vivid chrysalis of 1. fresh yellow is aurelian wash clean, put salt to boil1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Leave about 5 minutes.

2. is taken out accuse water, cool a little while. Use scissors to be cut open from the end up intermediate, take out inShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
The hard core of face black.

The end that 3. becomes so is OK scamper is gotten more fragile moreForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Crisp, 2 it is scamper when explode not easily boiler low oil.

4. prepares fragile blast powder a packet. (It is OK to do not have some words shortbread adds a few Su Da pink)

Scamper silkworm chrysalis how of scamper fragile?

5. will be right amount the chrysalis that fragile blast pink pours to cut open is aurelian in.

6. mixes even.

7. fries boiler to cheer burn heat.

The chrysalis that 8. soaks the half pink is aurelian in pouring boiler. Scamper when often should break up mix, make its be heated even, did not touch even.

9. is become till full blast nigger-brown is shown in the brim, accuse oil with escape unpunished spoon, fish out hanging wall can. Be over blast of another half same method again.

Silkworm chrysalis contains steriod of alcohol of steriod of a few rich protein, adipose, lecithin, bravery, plant mellow, vitamin, mineral. Adipose in give priority to with not saturated fatty acid, it is high protein nourishment. Have filling gas to raise blood, strong waist strong the effect of bowel of embellish of lung of kidney, announce. Silkworm chrysalis of blast of constant cooking oil can supply substantial nutrient part for human body already, can eliminate exhaustion again, treat disease of a variety of heart and vessels, chronic hepatitis, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Scamper silkworm chrysalis how of scamper fragile?


Silkworm chrysalis is growing the bug can be caught sometimes in the process, the silkworm chrysalis of bacterium of edible in spite of illness can injure central nervous. Have food the person of allergy history should be careful edible, the person that does not have allergy history also should prevent the allergy after edible insect or bromatoxism: The silkworm chrysalis that handles without the course cannot direct edible; hasA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The nigrescent and peculiar smell, aglow, silkworm chrysalis that has hemp hot feeling does not want edible; summer to set time more than 20 hours, winter places time to exceed 1 week silkworm chrysalis not to want edible.

Silkworm chrysalisForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Hour of toxic preclinical average number differs to 1 week. Toxic common expression is disgusting, vomiting, swimmy etc, the person that weigh can appear manic, delirious wait for a symptom, illusory, eye strabismus, at the same time companion has muscle of facial, cervical, truncal ministry, limb clonic convulsive.

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